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Fraud Prevention


  • Meet.  Agree on fraud examination purpose and cost.

  • Gather client information (financial statements,  documentation, and interviews).

  • Analyze the information.

  • Create report and review with client.

A robber committing fraud against a company
The top 5 fraud risks


I provide several fraud prevention services. These include:

  • fraud risk assessment

    • an assessment of a company's overall program compliance. This includes operational effectiveness and efficiency, financial reporting reliability, SOX/controls, and compliance (with laws, company policies, and regulations).

  • ​​fraud investigation and examination

    • completed when an owner believes there's a high likelihood of fraud​

  • fraud prevention and deterrence

    • an assessment of the likelihood of fraud in a company in consideration of ​the overall controls

  • analysis of financial transactions and fraud schemes

    • investigation of a company's financial controls for possible fraud ​schemes

Although the occurrence of fraud may be disheartening, it is important to analyze how the company's controls and deterrents worked to prevent the fraud. 

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